Lunch Bunch 2017

The Lunch Bunch was started by Ruby M. years ago as a way to gather Wednesday each week for lunch.
Lunch is at 11 AM, unless the restaurant doesn’t open until 11: 30. New Restaurants are noted in Green. We
continue to have difficulty ‘reserving’ with restaurants, and some restaurants have been left with little. This has
happened before when we only had two or four people attend. Many restaurants are asking for a head count the day before. Now, Jeanne will continue, as she has, to call the restaurants a week before to tell them we are coming but you will need to text or e-mail Craig before 10 AM the day before (Tuesday ) so we can give the restaurant a reliable number. Texts can be sent to 603 303 0102.
There may be changes in the Lunch Schedule because of changes that some of the restaurants have made.
All are welcome to receive the Lunch Bunch Schedule. If you send Craig your E-Mail address-( he will send it directly, as well as updates when needed



 Lunch Bunch First Quarter



March 21- Rusty Moose Restaurant 15 Homestead PL Alton NH-603 855 2012

March 28-Weathervane, Rte. 1 Kittery Maine-207 439 0330

Lunch Bunch Second Quarter

April 4-Strafford Farms, Rte. 108 Dover NH-603 743 3045

April 11-Mel’s Raspberry Patch, 372 Alfred Rd. Sanford Maine-207 490 5998

April 18-Johnson’s, Rte. 11 New Durham NH-603 859 7500

April 25-Bonanza, Main St Sanford Maine-207 324 6121

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